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Blaž Čeh fell in love with electronic music at the young age of 11. Most of the music played on Slovenian radio stations at the time was eurodance. But he soon learnt of other genres, out of which he liked trance and hardcore the most. The internet swiftly opened the doorway to the vast diversity the electronic scene had to offer. Thus he discovered hardstyle, which perfectly combined the best elements of his favourite genres.

His greatest wish was to one day visit a hardstyle party. Since there was no scene whatsoever in Slovenia back then, he decided to do something about it himself. So in 2005, with a couple of friends who shared his enthusiasm, he created - a music portal, dedicated to promoting the harder styles of electronic music in Slovenia.

In the first six years of his running the portal he contributed significantly to the rise in popularity of those genres on his home turf by organising a lot of parties, helping to organise even more, bringing many wold-class names to Slovenia (Activator, Tatanka, Dione, Vortex, Sam Punk, Francesco Zeta, Luca Antolini and more) and introducing the genres to countles numbers of fresh fans. Around the year 2010 he started to feel that the scene had evolved enough and no longer needed his asistance. He decided to get rid of the stress which comes with organisation and decided to step down.

But despite his long-standing wish to participate at parties as a mere visitor having come true, he felt that something was missing. That was when he started toying around with the decks. Every now and then he got a chance to fill in for an unattending friend. He discovered his natural talent for the DJ craft so he decided that that is going to be his next mission at parties. With his unstoppable energy and extraordinary feeling for the crowd he aims to provide fun for the partygoers in Slovenia as well as across the border. Ever since that decision at the end of 2011 and up to the present day he has been entertaining audiences at practically all notable hardcore parties in his homeland.

Through it all he started missing organising parties as well, which led to the creation of the Underground Demolition Troops (UDT) in 2012. UDT is an organisation which makes uncommercially oriented parties which feature the harder subgenres of electronic music.

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Live @ Night of Core Quickmix 17.10.2013
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Live @ Frenchcore 21.07.2013
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Live @ Industrija 18.07.2013
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