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Mathieu Bouthier

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Mathieu Bouthier is a French DJ and creative honcho behind Serial Records.

Born in 1977 in Clamart, near Paris, little Mathieu grew up in Brittany, France, seeing all his brothers going one by one into electronic music. Two of his oldest brothers, Tom & Jerry, became prominent DJs, pioneers of the "French Touch" genre in early 90s. Known as Tom & Jerry Bouthier, the brothers went to be international hits, working from London to Ibiza, from New York to Miami.

Shortly after Tom's suicide in 1998, Mathieu decided that if love for electronica can be that passionate, this is the life he wanted - he wants to go after his brother's pathways and become as big as they have achieved.

In 1999, he started DJing in some clubs in Rennes, a part of France's Brittany which is close to London, and Mathieu's music being influenced much by English electronica, he quickly attracted the public's attention which the groovy songs he produces.

After 2000, Mathieu decided that it was time to move along to something bigger and he left Rennes for the City of Lights, Paris, where he met his friends Muttonheads, with whom he later produced his international hit song. At the beginning, Mathieu was a resident at Metropolis and Mix Club, before he was signed to be resident at Fun Radio and FG DJ Radio.

2003 saw Mathieu's first compilation titled "French Do It Better". A massive hit, it led him to release further compilations. And with the release of Mathieu's song, in collaboration with Muttonheads, a fun classic track called "Make Your Own Kind Of Music", along came the instant fame over France, UK, and the rest of Europe.

Today, Mathieu still holds his residencies at Fun Radio, FG DJ Radio, Vitamine Radio and RTS FM, while touring across France and Europe and at the same time running his own label, Serial Records.

Make Your Own Kind of Music - Mathieu Bouthier

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