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Gregor FARTEK was born in Ljubljana in 1989. His big wish was to be a drummer, but due to the fact that he and his family were living in a small apartment, that wish didn’t came true. Acoustic guitar was then his pick. He was playing it for quite a while but he sold it and as he says today: “That wasn’t one of the best decisions I made in my life, I could easily record a riff or two nowadays” 

At the age of 16 he first entered the club – illegally - and guess what?! His mind was blown away by all the lights and powerful speakers. This was love at first sight. He then began dreaming about being a DJ and everything else is history. In 2007 he followed his heart and bought his first second-hand CDJ player and a mixer. He was getting used to the knobs and the platter. After a year his “bedroom DJ equipment” was fulfilled with second CDJ player.  After practicing enough, first promo DJ sets were recorded.


He found himself in club music, progressive house and tech-house genres but before he was quite a big fan of italo dance and classic house. His DJ sets are unique, because he is driving them up and down along the way. He usually starts with a huge track or amazing edit that just sets the dance floor on fire. Meanwhile he is watching the crowd, to see when to drop a track full of emotions and a nice melody that fills the place with positive energy. Gregor Fartek is working on his technique, and Is always trying to keep that element of surprise up his sleeve. He is being recognized with editing huge tracks with classic acapellas and with dropping bootlegs of bestsellers. 


Gregor loved everything in connection with music, and so was with audio editing and production. Soon first bootlegs were made, and he is currently working on his first single. Meanwhile he also made his first remix for Booka Shade’s contest. The remix got some positive feedback but as GF says there is a long way ahead of him. 


Year 2011 was so far great for Gregor Fartek DJ. He finally got a few gigs and made a lot of new bootlegs. 

He enrolled for two DJ competitions and he got the the finals in both of them. One was held in Disco Planet Tuš and the other one was a part of Electronic Carnival and was organized by the “Burn energy drink”. He finished second on Electronic Carnival and this could be his breakthrough. As Gregor said: “Hopefully I will be able to build on EC success in the future and get more gigs and make the crowd jumpin” he is not willing to stop here. Later on a gig at Club Extreme followed. Hopefully more gigs will be booked in the future, while Gregor is going to focus on his production to spice up his sets with an ingredient of its own. 

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Spring promo 2012
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