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DJ number one, a pioneer of DJ culture, a “Practising Maniac at Work”, a prophet for the raving society, a hymn composer for millions, a party maker for over 10 million guests over the last 30 years, a philosopher of dance culture and an author. Westbam is a living legend and one of the most colourful personalities on the international music scene.

 He began his DJ career in 1983 and advanced early on with his genre-defining article “Was ist record art” (What is record art) to become a pioneer, originator and prophet of new dance music. His mixing skills and performances are soon in demand on the scene.

Together with his partner Klaus Jankuhn, he releases his first record in 1985.

In 1986, he goes on tour together with the techno legends “Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft”. In the same year, he is the organiser of the first house party in Germany and starts up his label “Low Spirit” that is embraced by the German and international dance scene for the next one and half decades.

In 1988 he has an international club hit with “Monkey Say, Monkey Do” and becomes famous throughout the world for his remix of “We Want Some Pussy” by the 2LiveCrew. He is the German Cultural Ambassador at the Olympic Games in Seoul.

In 1989 he is the DJ at the first Love Parade in Berlin and with the release of his first album “The Cabinet” featuring the hit “And Party”, he breaks the German sales chart for the first time.

In 1990 he starts the first Berlin hardcore techno label, BUG Records, and his motto “No More Fucking Rock´n´Roll!” becomes the slogan of the time.

In 1991 he releases his 2nd album, “A practising Maniac at Work” with smash hits like “I Can’t Stop”. In the same year he becomes the organiser of Mayday, the mother of all raves, and releases the Mayday Anthem that defines the beginning of his career as a techno hymn composer.

In 1993, he releases the 12″ “Celebration Generation” and in 1994 the trend-setting album “Bam Bam Bam” that moves the masses with his techno pop style on tracks like “Wizards of the Sonic” and coins the term “Raving Society”.

1996 marks the end of his techno pop years with “Terminator” and he invents “Technolectro“, a musical version of post-modern techno.

In 1997 he enjoys his first no. 1 hit in the German sales charts as Members of Mayday with “Sonic Empire”. In the same year, he starts “Electric Kingdom”, a new label and series of events with the same name, and his first book written together with Rainald Goetz, “Mixes, Cuts und Scratches”, is published. Since 1997 Westbam is also the hymn composer of the Love Parade that will attract over a million visitors in the following years. His 1997 album “We’ll never Stop Living This Way!” gives an ironic view of the techno lifestyle.

In the following period, he works together with Afrika Islam on the project “Mr.X and Mr.Y”

In 1999 he creates an all-time classic with “Beatbox Rocker”

In 2002 he releases his album “Right On”, becomes an advertising star with his mix of “Like Ice in the Sunshine” and his new single with Nena, “Old School, Baby”, is another big success.

In 2004 he appears for the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest with “Dancing With the Rebels”.

In 2005 he releases “Do you believe in the West World”, his last album on his label, Low Spirit, and positions himself as an antipole to the minimal movement of the decade. In 2006 he writes “United States of Love”, the most successful Love Parade hymn of all time. In 2007 he starts his new label “Bass Planet” together with his partner Jankuhn and launches a series of events with the same name.

In 2010 Westbam releases a triple CD set “Love Stories 89-10″ and announces his departure from the Love Parade as he distances himself from the new organisers and their methods.

Today the album and the single “Don’t Look Back in Anger” appear as a requiem to the Love Parade. Westbam, the only DJ to have played at every Love Parade, does not play his last set because of the accident in Duisburg.

At Mayday in 2011 he celebrates the 20th anniversary of the event that he started with four legendary sets in the main arena and on the classic floor with a DJ set as Westbam and live as the Members of Mayday.

However, Westbam is not the kind of person who wallows in the past. He has his eye on the future and is working on his new album in which the combination of the human voice with electro sounds plays an important role. As a DJ, he plays at the largest festivals in the world and is renowned today more than ever for his energetic sets that are enjoyed by an ecstatic crowd.

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Live @ Mayday 01.05.2012
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Live @ Club Magic, Poland 14.04.2012
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