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Born in Trbovlje in 1989. He was interested in music ever since he can remember, jamming some rock when he was a kid. His love towards electronic music started when he was about 9 years old and from that time his passion grew more and more! He bought his first DJ equipment when he was 16 years old and it didn't take to long till he mastered tehniques of DJing. His first gig came in december of 2007! The year 2010 was succesfull for this young artist playing on some cool events such as Mind Explotion,Sound Of Nature,Midnight Resurrection,Brain Damage,The Time Of BPM Trance Etc.He played alongside artists such as Reaky, Pedro Delgardo, Peppelino, B.Unq!,Veztax, Heaton, Lyteo, Etc. His style is very diverse from deep progressive/psy/techy/uplifting/techno... you name it!Simon also helps other producers on the promotional side and is always in for collaborations with others. At this moment he hosts a radio show, Aurora Nights (currently on pause)As it is for the future do expect some productions from this young talent very, very soon!

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Runaway part1 (January, February 2012 promo)
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Runaway part2 (January, February 2012 promo)
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