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AlphaSonic has listened to hardstyle since 2003. In 2009 he tried playing a vinyl for the first time and after only a year after he proved himself worthy when he played in front of a crowd in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

After this he has made a huge influence on the Slovenian hardstyle scene at such venues as Sound of Nature, Braindamage, Touch;Taste;Feel and Meet Us and now he's ready to go international.

A year latter he played at almost every major club in Slovenia and lets not forget the appearance on the US radio Hardstation.FM. He was also in the "Support your local DJ competition" and came to the finals. His number of fans has increased and so have his bookings. You will see him at almost all mayor hardstyle events.

AlphaSonic plays with dedication and delivers a powerful music experience to the crowd which will late be forgotten. He's an entertainer who understands how to make the audience dance. No doubt will AlphaSonic become one of Europe's leading hardstyle DJ's in the future.

Since 2010 he's also a member of the Slovenian Hardstyle Community DJ Team and the head admin of the Slovenian Hardstyle Community Forum.

Party history:

Chehs B-day, Ljubljana - 26.6.
Sound Of Nature (open air), Sežana - 31.7.
Meet Us - Merge Of Generations, Vrhnika - 21.8.
Touch;Taste;Feel, Ljubljana - 24.9.
Braindamage Oktoberfest, Vrhnika - 15.10.
Hard To Say Goodbye, Vrhnika - 31.12.

Infection Of The Hardest Vol.2, Vrhnika - 29.1.
EXTREME Shuffle Meetup 2, Kranj - 11.2.
Hardstation.FM - 23.2.
This is madness, Mr.Madness B-day Bash - 25.2.
Ultimate: Harder Than Ever, Maribor - 12.3.
EXTREME Shuffle Meetup 3, Kranj - 7.5.
Support Your Local DJ Finals, Ljubljana - 10.6.
Alles Kapot Im Natur, Vrhnika - 18.6.
Open End After Party THE MIGHTY MOU5E, Ljubljana - 24.6.
Floating hard beats - Ladja Burja, Portorož - 16.7.
Sounds Of Nature 2011, Sežana - 23.7.

7th Anniversary With Dutch Master, Ljubljana - 24.2.

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