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Didaa Spletna stran

Dida was born in Slovenia in Velenje. In his childhood he trained ski jumping and went to school like a normal guy. His longest ski jump is 127 m in Predazzo@Italia. In the second year of secondary school he stopped training ski jumping and devoted himself to music and school.

His first techno/houseparty was on the Slovenian coast@Ambasada Gavioli where electronic music completely took over him and soon he began experimenting with house music. Local DJ's gave him the Dj base and the possibility of mixing house music in clubs before the audience.
When he completely won the rotation technique of music mixing, he decided to create music by himself. He started with music creation tool Reason 3 and later with Reason 4. There he learned the basics. After a few years he switched to program Ableton where he creates music today. He says that he learned a lot about music production among student years. Indeed, he studied Computer Science.

At the end of the study has released its first four tracks on Glam Records label. That gave him the motivation to create music in future.

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Summer house Megamix 2012
160.19 MB
Winter house Megamix 2012
35.48 MB
Summer house Megamix 2011
22.89 MB