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Alessio Bomb it's a fresh name in a house and techno music domaine although he's been very succesfull on the music-scene for two decades. In all these years the music genres has changed enormously. His dancing music has been reaching for electronic rhytms, house and techno scenes. He has been deducating and he still is more and more of his passion and time to the production of electronic rhytms. A very carefull choice of his music has always been melodical, full of energy and life; a superior and unforgettable event, breathing with his audiance and living the trans untill its very end. He has been cooperating with many slovene and foreign DJs Paolo Barbato, Angel Anx, Aleksij, Marko Nastić, Umek, Belocca, Dataminions, Veztax, Pedro Delgardo, Sputnik, Peppelino, Unique, Aka Carl, A.Paul, Wyrus, Reaky, Baly, Alex Long, Valentino Kanzyani, Danza Macabra, Davide Manali, Rydel, Joyce Muniz, Vegim, Mike Vale, DJ Dano,... He has been worked in the club Extreme in Kranj for almost a year. He has organized and succesfully pulled out several major electronic events, such as SavaNautica 1 Open Air in SavaNautca 2, 24ur elektronike, Electronic 40 DJs Party, Silent Party Open Air, nove Techno Frka dogodke,... in the year 2011. In 2012 he is planning to take part the Grand Open Air Parties in Slovenia, as well as in neighbour Croatia, with a help of United Event Slovenia Team which of he has been a very active member untill recently too. He wants to maintain a club-scene style, that would and live on. He is preparing a singles collection in his own production Tech House and Techno Genre in 2012 as well.

For any further information, please, contact a web page or a phone number +38640883883 Thank You.

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Exclusive Summer TecHouse Promo July 2012
110.34 MB
Tech House Promo Mix December 2011
176.28 MB
The Bomb Techno Mix Vol.2 (Promo Mix)
168.28 MB
Current Techno 128 Session Vol2
97.91 MB