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Psiho Spletna stran

He started his music career in 1996 as a DJ in Absense team and later in Consumer Recreation. But naturally, his love for electronic music goes a long way back into the end of 80’s, when he was already one of its first fans in Slovenia.

His Dj style is dynamic, funky, and energetic. He plays techno, tribal techno & minimal techno. He enjoys playing various but dynamic music, mostly picked out from the feed back of an audience.

In a few years of hard working and numerous performances DJ Psiho made his way up to the top of Slovene techno scene and had played with Jeff Mils,Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, Takkyu Ishino, Space Dj’s, Steve Stoll, Adam Beyer and with many others. As a resident he cooperated in a clubs Propaganda, Sub Sub, Colosseum (Croatia) and Ambasada Gavioli. His name regularly appeared on all massive Slovene events such as ECO Festival, Tasteful Events, Pokovka, Electronic Carnival itd.

For the last decade he is taking up the music production. He is experimenting with different sounds and beats therefore he produces also hip-hop and R&B. In collaboration with many slovenian respected artists and MC’s like Klemen Klemen, Ali En, Ballau, Laydee B, BMD, Ironic Tronic, 6Pack Cukur, Atila, Zlatan Cordic, Flasher, Pezzi Pezz, King, Shaba, Darwa…His name is also found on top slovenian hip hop compilations. At the moment he is working on MR.Tado’s album.

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Mix Pull Over 2007
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The Best of AD 2002
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Live @ Design of Love 5 26.12.2001
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Live @ Ambasada Gavioli - Dance Lounge 25.08.2001
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On Vinyl!
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Driving on three
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Follow Me
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