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Paolo Barbato

Paolo Barbato Spletna stran

Calling him just a dj sounds reductive. Looking at his schedule gives the idea of a global dance music manager. His special taste and perception for what "It is" and what "It's not" is reflecting all around his sound, his productions and the events he's co-ordinating and promoting. Paolo Barbato is the reference point for anyone who have something to do with house music in the extreme north-east of Italy. He lives for the music since 1984, when he won the acclaimed "Dj Competition" prize, the starting point for an extremely brilliant career, from the small local clubs to the Europe's most prestigious dj-booths, Sharm el Sheikh's Pacha is just one of them. Sharing the decks with people like Basement Jaxx, Sander Kleinberg and Kenny Carpenter gave him the right inspiration to produce music by himself, even with the ten years experience of his record shop that filled a thousand dj-cases around Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. His studio works are issued through labels as Warner, Universal, Crystal and Global Underground, even Irma Records asked him to compile an exclusive and limited compilation for Illy. Recently he joined the Ramirez Live Project, which carried him and Elvio Moratto playing in Glasgow in front of 10.000 people, this joint-venture generated the ambitious and prog-oriented iPop project, a perfect balance between analog synths and warm basses, the superstar-dj Tommy Vee already asked them for remixes and a full-length album is soon to be finished. Last but not least is the collaboration with the acclaimed percussionist Silvano del Gado, a two hours live/dj set for a two-piece orchestra, an explosive mix of natural and synthetic rhythms. So, it's not a mystery if Mtv quote him as one of the most talented dj/producers of the entire scene.
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